Fracking exploration is taking place across Europe. In the Ukraine, Shell is planning to do seismic testing and sink 15 test wells. ExxonMobil has explored Poland. Other countries that have issues permits include: Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Estonia, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Denmark, Hungary. Other countries have allowed for permits but none have been issues, including Belgium, Norway, Bosnia, Latvia, Croatia, Belarus and Moldova.

France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Luxembourg have not allowed fracking, but it is reported that fracking could spread across Europe within the next decade..

In Britain fracking operations were active in Blackpool until a 2011 tremor later traced to fracking resulted in a temporary ban. But on December 13, 2012, the British government lifted its ban on fracking, allowing companies to continue their exploration of shale gas reserves. Energy Secretary Edward Davey said the decision was subject to new controls to limit the risks of seismic activity.

In February 2013, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed on draft regulation to allow for fracking in the country. The legislation would outlaw fracking in water protection areas and near drinking water wells and would make environmental impact studies mandatory for new projects. The measures would permit the technique in non-restricted areas under a unified legal framework.